LaGyo Spring Sale

Hello ladies, as my friend Light said “An opportunity of a lifetime. Come take a look!”.

I’m having a 50% off sale of everything at LaGyo (included LAGyo Mademoiselle), except the last released stuff!! We’re about to make new and awesome releases, so I thought it was time to make a sale!!

Not much more to say, just hurry up, cause it’s only 1 week!

LaGyo taxi:

LG Concept new releases coming soon!

Hello friends..I’m very happy to announce the upcoming releases of LG Concept.

The new releases for the Spring/Summer will have the common theme of bright colors, striped patterns, and precious materials like leather and suede.

The releases will include new jewels and accessories from LaGyo, clothes, makeups, poses at Idea Motus and finally a new skin!


Skin: Linnea by Laqroki (NEW)
Hair: Comfort by [e] (NEW)
Lashes: Photoshoot2 by Lelutka
Shirt: Zayba cross sand by Zaara (NEW)
Undershirt: Savoir top by Maitreya
Skirt: Simple flare skirt by LaViere
NEcklace: Spring necklace by LaGyo MAdemoiselle
Socks: Swallow ong socks by Reveri (NEW)
Shoes: Spring fling wedges by SC
Headpiece: Frills headpiece by Reveri (NEW)

Skin: Nellie by Laqroki
Hair: Glory by [e]
Shirt: Therese vest by Vive9 (NEW)
Undershirt: Udna body by Emery
Shorts: part of racerback jump by fd
Belt: Ginger belt by Nyte’N’Day
Necklace: Rhodo necklace by LaGyo (out tomorrow)
Socks: Swallow long socks by Reveri (NEW)
Shoes: Anklelaceupboots by ANNEX (NEW)

Skin: Nellie by Laqroki
Hair: Rain by Lelutka
Sweather: Belt up cardigan by CE Cubic
Dress: Posh onepiece by Bijou (NEW)
Belt: Leather woven belt by Mr.Poet
Shoes + socks: Allure by Maitreya
Bag: Birger rapsody by Lelutka
Necklace: Nalah by luc


Skin:Nellie by Laqroki
Hair:Just by [e] (NEW)
Top:Vneck Crepe blouse blue by LaViere (NEW)
Under:Claven lace blouse antique by W&B
Skirt:Highskirt ivory by Maitreya
Leggings: Lace legs nut by LG Femme (soon)
Shoes:Basic pumps gray by fri.
Belt:Twin skinny belt by AOHARU
Necklace:Old watch silver by LaGyo (NEW)
Glasses:Oversized shades by Epoque

Skin: Linda by PXL
Hair: Rush By [e]
Jacket: Rebellion by HOF (NEW)
Skirt: My long black skirt by Milk Motion
Shoes: Mana Chelo by Nardcotix
Headpiece:Black widow by LaGyo
Glasses: Sylvia by Paper Couture



Skin:Nellie by Laqroki
Lips:Megan by DT
Hair:Florence by Truth (NEW)
Top:My cropped tank by Milk Motion
Shoulders:Belladonna by Paper Couture
Belt:Margot by Ricielli
Skirt:part of Sprng Dress by LaViere (coming this we)
Pants:part of Long skirt blue striper by LaViere (coming this we)
Shoes:Moxie by Maitreya
Bag:Focsani by Armidi
Necklace:Crystallized by LaGyo

Skin:Nellie by Laqroki
Lips:Lola by Lelutka
Hair:Rain by Lelutka (NEW)
Top:Baggy crop tank by Epoque
Under:Neato sweatshirt by TresBlah
Headband:Kami Ribon by TokiD
Skirt:Long skirt red stripes by LaViere (coming this we)
Boots:Provence riding boots by Mon Tissu
Scarf:Knit scarf by Mr.Poet
Bag:Gifting clutch by Royal Blue


Skin:Mary by Glam Affair
Hair:Addison by Lelutka (NEW)
Scarf:Furstole by AOHARU (NEW)
Top:Nelly by Chantkare
Under:Anticipation by Pixeldolls
Skirt:Baloon skirt by TokiD
Bag:Everysay purse by SMS
Socks:Moxie by Maitreya
Boots:Secret boots by [e]


Skin:Mary by Glam Affair
Hair:Wintour by Lelutka
Upper:part of Classic drape suit by AOHARU (NEW)
Shorts:Picadilly by Emery
Necklace:Stars gold by LaGyo
Hat:Virginie by LaGyo
Shoes:Monsegur pumps by Mon Tissu (NEW)

Skin:Mary by Glam Affair
Hair:Hailey2 by fri
Jacket:Rockaby blazer by Mon Tissu
Shirt:Striped by Curiosity
Chest att:part of Louise shirt by Lelutka
Brooch:CRedux by LaGyo (soon)
Pants:Horizon trousers by Mon Tissu
Gloves:Brody blue by VG
Belt:part of shorts by Coco
Shoes:Saturday mocassins by SurfCo

Skin:Mary by Glam Affair
Hair:Raina by fri
Upper:part of Little suede dress by Fishy Strawberry (NEW)
Jeans:Grace by Armidi
Shoes:Baby t’s by PM
Scarf:DPYumYum gacha
Brooch:French brooch by AI
Hat:Single beret by LaGyo
Arm warmers:Maitreya