Haaii..i know you’re thinking now “how many posts in so few days”…well, the truth is that I have so many ready outfits in my inventory, and also I’m using not only new items every time, so I have a great variety of stuff to choose from.

But here I’m using mostly new released items like the new hair from 69, I love them, they look so real and soft, and also the other new hair are amazing (six models in store…and don’t forget to go to the outlet store).

The red shirt is new from Fishy Strawberry and the floral suit is an amazing release from Bijou, I love this store, it was one of the first I knew here in SL, and I always appreciate the drawing tecnique of everything in the store. This suit comes in other 5 colors, and also another option for the lower leg attachment.

Skin: Pale teeth gap by Nylon outfitters
Hair: MOA 01 Mauve by 69 (NEW)
Shirt: Early morning cardigan by Fishy strawberry (NEW)
Bodysuit: Kiss by Bijou (NEW)
Shoes: Dalia Pump Limon by Armidi
Hairband: Bow knot headband blue/red by Nose
Necklace: Bangle necklace floral mix by Tee*fy
Belt: Belt airtime black by Berries inc.
Poses: Dare


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