Hello, this is just a quick post I’m making before to go on vacancy..I will have a wireless internet connection, but have no idea how many hours per day, so I prefer to reserve this time to complete the new stuff I’m making for the Designers United event 4 (which theme will be Narcissus:the flower and the myth).

These are the outfits I’m using these days, I love the colors and some piece in particular! For example the new hair from Lelutka…they are really soft and real, as all the other styles released yesterday (go there go there!!)…while I was trying the demos I saw these beautiful pants on a girl and I inspected her…well if u see me around I’M WATCHING YOU!! They are part of a marine outfit at Tres Beau.

The dressing in the central outfit is the new released by my friend Irie from So Many Styles..it’s lovely and as always well made, it comes in three colors (grey, brown and beige), don’t miss it!

On the right I’m wearing the cute jumpsuit from AOHARU, another fabulour release from Machang, u can’t fail!

And..last but not least…go to the Shoe Fair 2010…I went there after seeing a photo n Gogo’s flickr…well, atfirst I tought it was an rl picture…but it’s not…it was a shot of the last shoes from Pixel Mode…as u noticed I loved the Baby Ts shoes which I’m always wearing…but these…well, I’m really speechless, they look so real, the shape is great, awesome sculpted parts, great huds for the skintones, nail and metal parts…but the texture of the skin is superbe!!

Skin: Emma porcelain mulberry by Atomic
Hair: Amanda 3 by Lelutka (NEW)
Lashes: eyeliner colourchange by Glow Studio
Sweater: Off shoulder boucle sweater by Armidi
Pants: Hepburn by Tres Beau
Belt: Meirey leathe rbelt by Pacadi
Necklace: Antehac copper/black by LaGyo
Shoes: Baby T’s plain by Pixel Mode
Bag: Birger raphsody by Lelutka
Hat: Hat orange lace by Glow Studio

Skin: Claire sunkissed by Dekade (TDR special 70L)
Jacket: Gether smoke by Lelutka
Dress: Asy tunic beige by SMS (NEW!!)
Leggings: Burleske tights by Leezu
Belt: Geisha leathe belt by Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: Fringewestan boots beige by Anexx
Earrings: Radii gold by LaGyo
Glasses: glasses No. 44 by December

Skin: Emma porcelain Penny by Atomic
Hair: Frappe brown by Loq hair
Lashes: eyeliner colourchange by Glow Studio
Jacket: Short trench  chamoisee by Maitreya
Jumpsuit: Ruffle romper washed by AOHARU
Belt: Wide belt black by CoCo
Shoes: Jory black by Pixel Mode (NEw aat the Shoe Fair 2010)
Bag1: Gainsburg bag by Null
Bag2: Basic straw bag by Izumiya
Bag3: Shopping bag by Shade Throne
Earrings: Lucky earrings by LaGyo (Albero gacha festival)
Headbend: Tahiti foulard white by LG Femme


80s mood!

Hello 🙂

I’m so happy to be here, writing againg after a long pause! I’ve been really busy with my store, all went good, but I missed blogging…also because I continue buying stuff, and making outfits!!

I’m in an 80s mood these days, so I made these 7 outfits inspired by these wonderful, strange, colorful and creative years. Also I wanted to try something with the shadows, even if I hate the viewer 2, infact I’m using it only for the snapshots!

Skin: DUMAH by LD Peau d?Ange (coming soon)
Prim eyes: 004 eye by S@R
Hair: Hera brown by Lelutka
Lashes: Ademonia eyelashes by Glow Studio
Shirt: Keiko tunic dress white by Armidi
Pants: Jeans skinny straight washed 02 by AOHARU
Shoes: Saffron pumps electric royal by Lelutka
Earrings: Radii earrings by LaGyo
Necklace: Clarescis necklace by LaGyo
Bangle: Pretiosa gold/white by LaGyo

Skin: DUMAH by LD Peau d?Ange (coming soon)
Prim eyes: 004 eye by S@R
Hair: Bee blonde by Kin
Lashes: Ademonia eyelashes by Glow Studio
Dress: Satin mini dress rose by Armidi
Vest: Short vest stripe black by Coco
Belt: part of Tuxedo jacket black by Coco
Stockings: Emerge tights by OhMai
Shoes: Baby T’s Plain lime by Pixel Mode
Necklace: Viator necklace copper by LaGyo
Bangle: Cuspidis bangle copper by LaGyo
Earrings: Turbinis earrings copper by LaGyo

Skin: DUMAH by LD Peau d’Ange (coming soon)
Prim eyes: 004 eye by S@R
Hair:Kennedy pale blonde by Chantkare/Labieja
Top: Flower cami mint by SMS
Belt: Wide waist belt copper by fri.
Shorts: Athletic shorts by Coco
Leggings: Slick n shiny gold by &Bean
Socks: Socks mit suspenders white by Pig
Sandals: Dhali bow platforms seagrass by Armidi
Necklace: Antehac necklace copper/white by Lagyo

Skin: DUMAH by LD Peau d’Ange (coming soon)
Prim eyes: 004 eye by S@R
Lashes1: NoAlpha lashes N17 by Miamai
Lashes2: Ademonia eyelashes by Glow Studio
Hair: Ula ash blonde by Lelutka
Body: Geometric bodysuit by SOURCE Design
Undershirt: Neato sweatshirt by TresBlah
Skirt1: part of Paito dress by Tee*fy
Skirt2: part of Yurim dress by Tee*fy
Belt: High waisted belt patent lime by Maiiki
Gloves: Into liquid green gloves by Barerose
Shoes: Pow pumps black/pink by Lelutka
Necklace: Viator necklace silver by LaGyo
Earrings: Radii earrings silver by LaGyo
Bangle: Cuspidis bangle black by LaGyo
Ring: Cuspidis ring black by LaGyo

Skin: DUMAH by LD Peau d’Ange (coming soon)
Hair: Wild white by Magika
Jacket: Classic pinstripe blazer grey by Armidi
Shoulders: Top shoulder pad #2 by Emery
Top: Off the map dashiki top by Modern Gipsy
Pants: High waisted tuxedo pants by Coco
Belt: Ostrichring belt blue by AOHARU
Socks: 3line socks by Sey
Shoes: Baby T’s plain hot yellow by PM
Glasses: Sunglasses Era red by Emery
Necklace: Antehac necklace gold/white by LaGyo
Bangle: Solitudo bangle gold by LaGyo
Earrings: Turbinis earrings gold by LaGyo

Skin: DUMAH by LD Peau d’Ange (coming soon)
Hair: Hair fair 5 by Waka&Yuki
Prim eyes: 004 eye by S@R
Top:Liciouslips red by Paparazzi
Inner: Like a virgin bodysuit hot pink by Mijn
Skirt: NNN 4 C by Cattleya
Legwarmers: Flash trash stirrup legwarmers by Veschi
Shoes: Shanti snow leopard by Maitreya
Head accessory: Braids headpiece pink by LaGyo
Necklace: Love roulette necklace copper by LaGyo

Skin: DUMAH by LD Peau d’Ange (coming soon)
Hair: Keya blonde by Dernier Cri
Shirt: Offshoulder baggy t-shirt pegasus by AOHARU
Bodysuit: Chiara di luna palatinate by Intimizzio
Leggings: Crisis leggings turquoise by LG Femme (coming soon)
Legwarmers: Leg warmer violet by Ce Cubic
HEad accessory: Novelize headbend lilac by LaGyo
Shoes: Basic pumps gray by fri.
Rings: Shield rings copper/white by LaGyo


Finally it’s here, I know we waited too long to release the summer collection, but it came out (in my opinion of course) really good.

This is our first of 3 base releases: new jewels from LaGyo, clothes and accessories from LG Femme, and the new skin Dumah from LG Peau d’ange(which is the one i’m wearing in the vendors ads from LaGyo).

The new jewels are very simple, easy, but sofisticated: gold, silver and copper metal bases with texturechange crystals, or black and white pearls!

Surl:    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ryder%20Haven/145/52/32

Here are the ads of the new line, already in store, I hope you’ll like them!

Lelutka summer – part 2

Not many words to say, just “amazing” like the new second release from Lelutka! Beautiful pieces, pants, dresses, and tops in bright colors, great textures and sculpts!

Skin: Lola pale mu4 by Lelutka
Hair: A little lift by Clawtooth
Dress: Armenia dress by Lelutka (NEW)
Stockings: Fishnet stockings by Milk Motion (old DU3 item)
Shoes: Dream booties tomato by Fri.day
Ring: Chic knuckle silver by LaGyo
Bracelet: Chic charms bracelet silver by LaGyo
Hat: Unico by LaGyo

Skin: Eclat light by Lelutka(old group gift)
Hair: Anna moody brown by Fri.day
Jacket: Boyaca bolero deep purple by Lelutka (NEW)
Chest part: Blazin dress fuchsia by Lelutka (NEW)
Skirt: Medellin skirt rust by Lelutka (NEW)
Boots: Remake denim boots by Anexx

Skin: Fabia creme 2 by Babae
Hair: Bethy by The GL
Jacket: Popayan jacket pink by Lelutka (NEW)
Dress: Laish dress sand by Lelutka (NEW)
Stockings: Vintage Hollywood by Duboo
Shoes: Saffron pumps neutral black by Lelutka
Headpiece: All about flowers by LaGyo

Gold techno

Hello, this time I want to present the new collection of my friend Micah Kanto, owner and designer of  the fabulous store Modern Gypsy. He has just released the new collection, awesome dresses in bright colors,modern fierce, great golden accessories and really beautiful skins (not yet released, but you’ll how good they are!).

Here I’m wearing some of the new items of the collection, this golden suit which I love, tv-noise glasses and headphones. These pieces inspired this techno look, completed with a touch of red, and the new great boots from Hoorenbeek! The hair are new too from Lamb, which released today two new hairstiles.

Skin: Cassie makeup5 by Modern Gypsy (unreleased)
Hair: Found butter by Lamb (NEW)
Jacket: Flashin rocker jacket by Kiss Store
Suit: Soniqua ovaca jumpsuit by Modern Gypsy (NEW)
Belt: High waisted belt red by Maiiki
Boots: Mullingar boots black by Hoorenbeek
Headphones: Golden sonic headphones by Modern Gypsy (NEW)
Glasses: Static screen shades by Modern Gypsy (NEW)
Bag: Clutch bag red by Barerose
Necklace: Sparkle necklace pearl by LaGyo

Funny things!

Hello, this is just a quick style, with a poor editing cause I wasn’t at home…so…my apologize if it’s not good!!

We have found a cute store KMH which has cute hair, we both are wearing new hair from this store,  and furniture.

Mine shoes are a new release from Slink, they have two huds to customize the shoes (size, color of the crystals, skin, nails); Tecla is wearing the last 50L friday item from Kookie!

On Tecla
Skin: Candice skin flirt by Veneno
Hair: Hair No011 by KMH
Jacket: La femme jacket (for LeLook) by SG Fashion
Shirt: Kirihana yellow by Daru
Pants: Sarrouel pants by Aoharu
Shoes: Nudes by Kookie (past 50Lfriday)
Bag: The Ireben carry-all by Indy&Co
Cig: Cigaret ver Kowloon by Katati

On me
Skin: Audrey skin in kiss me I’m irish by B&B (Black&Blue outfitters)
Hair: Hair No007 Sandbeige by KMH
Shirt: Moana top summer red by Chantkare
Inner shirt: part of wedding dress by Noju
Skirt: Blossom band long skirt by Ufo
Belt: Wide leather belt brown by Luck Inc
Shoes: Mikaela boot by Slink (NEW)
Bag: Straw tote bag by Lotta
Earrings: Arctic pearl by Magic Nook
Nails: Glitter neon yellow by Candy Nail

Lelutka summer

Yess!! Finally is here, the new summer collection by Lelutka. I’m presenting here only some of the beautiful pieces that are in store, and also new ones are soon to be released, and I bet they will be great aswell. The new collection has dresses, jackets, pants, frilly skirts, and shirts, all with amazing sculpted pieces and beautiful layers!!

Skin: Estelle pale makeup 1
Hair: Sophie natural blonde
Top: Careah top sahara (NEW)
Skirt: darda skirt north (NEW)
Shoes: St.Tropez b/w
all by Lelutka

Skin: IFE light heart skin
Hair: Peta natural blonde
Dress: Blazin dress yellow (NEW)
all by Lelutka
Shoes: Jolie barefoot by Slink (NEW)

On Lucifer

Skin: Lola sunkissed makeup 5
Hair: Nimue Platinum by Maitreya
Top: Darda dress morning (NEW)
Pants: Chaldea pants navy (NEW)
Shoes: Allure-Tights Yin Yang by Maitreya
Earrings: Skinny Plastic Door Knockas white by Boom